Thousand islands in Ontario Canada.

Thousand islands in Ontario Canada.

Am I footprints on the beach?

I was worried about landing, when I should be focused on jumping.

I let FEAR control me. I should let fear concentrate me. I have to use this fear to compel me to greater things. For me, and others in my life.

A weekend with the family… then 11 days with 3 big shows, an exhibition battle and speech. Busy but I must stay focused.

How bad do you want it?

Its easy to get likes and post on Facebook…
But to put in the work… Is where it really starts

I’ve grown numb
I’ve built up walls again
I can’t even begin where to start on feelings
I’m just alive… Grinding and thinking more than I should.

All that calms me, is music and dance. And as I want to improve and train, I just need that mental stability…

To be free…
Nothing but me and music… It brings me peace and I can recharge.

The maybes, what ifs, and shoulda coulda won’t define me but the heart, mind and soul giving it my all. Regardless of success or failure…

So I begin with why…

Dance saved me. Healed me.




Immigrants built this country, never forget that.

what is this from

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fight club deleted scenes

^^^Idk how that’s relevant. But it’s from the Walking Dead

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Ill leave her be…

Clearly, I’m making things worse. When I tried to open up, and be honest with my heart for once.
I never meant to… cause this.

Left in shambles… The walls go up and my music plays on. Ill think about her, but I must learn to love without her.

less I repair through breaking…
Its all I have now.

I understand why the mind shuts out the heart…

I should have listened earlier. I made peace with so much… But started a whole different war on another front.

Foolish is, as foolish does…

Love is not fair. She’s made her choice… It shouldn’t affect mine. But it did..

Its storming like crazy outside…

And all I can do is stare out the window in awe.


A Summary of Marvel Movies


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